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iPhone 7 LCD Screen and Digitizer - White (OEM-Quality)

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Following are the advantages of our new products!

1. Tempered front glass: A 65g ball hit the screen at a height of 90cm, No damage!

2. Anti-fingerprint Coating on front galss:It can withstand 8000 scratches,waterproot effect same with original

3. High color gamut:Same color saturation as original and 360° same color

4. High brightness:Adopting ESR backlight, the brightness 7G can reach 500cd/m2(Original one is 540cd/m2)

5. Full View function:360-degree view can be seen with polarizer

6. Be plated the optical blue ring on the position of front camera:It helps to focus the light when using the front camera

7. Small parts pre-installed: LCD metal plate, camera holder, earphone mesh and sensor holder

8. G+F touch technology:two in one flex cable, touch function more stable and flexible.

9. Perfect installation, No gap:The installation effect is the same with original

10. Printed with unique QR code:It can show customer code and purchase date by wechat scanning (depend on customers needed)